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SolderSleeves and Devices

SolderSleeves and DevicesSolderSleeves and Devices are a dependable and economical solution to wire and cable interconnect and termination requirements. Used for wire to wire and cable to cable splicing, installing terminals and disconnects, along with other wire, cable and shield terminations. These products are made using a transparent heat shrinkable tubing which allows inspectability of the connection and provides the benefits of insulation, strain relief and protection. SolderSleeves and Devices are designed for many applications, from simple splices to sophisticated electronic systems, either sealed or unsealed, and for high temperature or low temperature environments.


SolderSleeves incorporate premeasured fluxed solder to create reliable terminations reducing rejects and field failures. In a single step, they solder, insulate, encapsulate and strain relieve a wide range of wire sizes. Available in 125°C and 150°C maximum operating temperature, UL and CUL, along with MIL-Spec varieties.


Devices incorporate a controlled crimping process to provide high reliability connections on a wide variety of conductor types. Also offered in UL, CUL and adhesive lined versions.

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